Introducing HyperTrack Lite

To live and breathe our tracking experience, we created a proof-of-concept app called SendETA for internal use. This app allows us to send our ETA to our friends and family who can track our trip in real time on the web or in-app. As we used the app everyday, we noticed how convenient it became to send our ETA with just one tap. (more…)

Using Fastlane to distribute private frameworks

At HyperTrack, we are building APIs and SDKs which enable developers to track and trace local deliveries. Developers integrate HyperTrack’s tracking SDK into the app that drivers use to mark the start and end of their pickup and delivery tasks. We deploy our SDKs as frameworks and distribute it via Cocoapods – a popular dependency management tool. Having lost few hours every time we deployed our SDK, we gave Fastlane a spin and found ourselves pleasantly surprised with the result.


Our API v2 is here!

Since starting our private beta in December 2015, we have interacted with over 60 companies interested in using HyperTrack. This gave us a better and deeper understanding of their tracking needs and how it is currently being met. We learned use cases that we had not anticipated in our first version of the API. Let me illustrate with a few examples. (more…)