Using activity recognition for better ETAs and status events

In one of our previous posts, we showed you the consumer experience for a task that is tracked with HyperTrack. Accurate status events are an important piece for a good user experience. In this post, we take a deeper look into the data model that powers these events, and how you can use them in your application.


Status events


Welcome Abhishek Poddar

In 2009, my Mumbai-based startup Chaupaati Bazaar used to manage the digital channels for subscriptions of leading Indian magazines. A young IIT Kanpur grad had left his cushy job at McKinsey to join 9.9 Media and turn-around their largest vertical – now the popular technology magazine of India – Digit. He took a chance with us to manage the Digit magazine subscriptions and became my customer. I first met Abhishek Poddar in the corridors of Digit’s office in Connaught Place. (more…)

The tracking experience with HyperTrack

HyperTrack’s tracking experience for the end-user is a core part of our tracking-as-a-service offering. SDKs are available for iOS, Android and Web so you can integrate it with your product experience. In this post, I dive deeper into the tracking experience and settings.


The problem with tracking

You can track your Uber until it gets to you. Once you get in the Uber, your friends can track your ride until you get to them. The simple ability to track a ride seems useful. Sounds like something I should be able to do for everyone coming to me or I am going to. Sounds like something everyone should be able to do for things in their lives that are out and about. After all, when things are on the move, they are trying to get somewhere, usually to someone, usually with some purpose. The simple ability to track people and things on the move seems useful. (more…)

How we designed the HyperTrack dashboard

(I am making this post on behalf of an awesome designer who chooses to remain anonymous. This person has designed multiple industry leading products used by tens of millions of users. I have the privilege of taking this design to production for our customers. Hope you like it!)

When we started designing Hypertrack, we got together with some of our key customers to understand what they needed to see. How can we give them a dashboard which is smart? How can we give them the information they need to see without them having to ask? We got them to sketch solutions to ensure we were building the right feature set. (more…)