API helper libraries

At HyperTrack, our goal is to make integrating with our APIs as easy as possible. To enable this, we have written extensive documentation and tutorials for specific use cases, added live chat support with our Engineers and created SDKs for Android and iOS. To make it even simpler to communicate with our RESTful APIs, we are open sourcing helper libraries for node.jspython and java. Integrating is easier than ever. Just install the libraries using your favorite package manager and follow the steps below. Continue reading


Building our new Dashboard using Angular 2

Angular 2 is here. The Angular team had stormed the Angular developer community by announcing that its new version will be a complete rewrite with no backward compatibility. AngularJs was originally built for designers for rapid prototyping, performance had never been its strength. Angular 2 was being written to build large enterprise-grade apps. Continue reading


Our new API status page

At HyperTrack, we are building the easiest way for developers to implement location tracking in their applications. The performance and reliability of our API services contributes to the performance and reliability of these applications. Therefore, one of our goals is to make this information publicly visible. Expect us to keep you fully informed of any issues with HyperTrack.

With this objective, our services status page is going live today at status.hypertrack.io. The status page will give you instant uptime information for all HyperTrack services. In addition, any performance issues or outages will be reported on it. You can subscribe via email to the updates, in which case you will receive all incident reports in your inbox. Alternatively, you can follow @hypertrackinfo on Twitter. Continue reading