Our team is complete (for now)!

At HyperTrack, we are building SDKs and APIs for developers to integrate location tracking into their workforce and consumer apps. To build a service that developers around the world can trust and rely on, we are always looking to hire the best engineers. I’m extremely proud and happy to announce three new fantastic additions to complete our team (for now) as we obsessively march towards product-market fit. Continue reading

Case study

How Scootsy uses HyperTrack while delivering the best in Mumbai

This is a guest post by Rishi Khiani, CEO and Managing Director of Antfarm, the business incubator that is home to Scootsy, a popular intra-city service that delivers from the best restaurants and stores in Mumbai.

If you are in Mumbai and want your lunch from Jimmy Boy, snack from Suzette, dinner from Trishna and ice cream from The Parfait Company, chances are your convenient and anxiety free life is powered by Scootsy. It just got better. You can now track your deliveries in real-time on a map inside the Scootsy Android or iOS app that you know and love. You can watch your order get to you turn-by-turn while you wrap up your meeting, or get ready to plan the chai break, or get ready for that big dinner with friends. Continue reading


Reducing time-to-first-track with HyperTrack

We have rolled out the following enhancements to our APIs to make it easier and more flexible to integrate with HyperTrack. If you are already integrated with HyperTrack, everything will continue to work as usual. You can choose to use these enhancements if it fits your use case better or if it simplifies your current integration. Continue reading