Announcing HyperTrack dashboard v3

We announced the first Beta version of our dashboard in April 2016 when we had a few developers in private Beta who were generous enough to bet on us when we had no product to offer. We announced the second Beta version in September 2016 when we had a few more developers through our public Beta who were generous in sharing their feedback about their usage. It is now time to announce our third Beta version as more developers across industries and countries start using HyperTrack as part of their daily usage. Here are the salient features. Continue reading


Building a Cordova plugin for your native SDK

The HyperTrack SDK powers location features, like live tracking, real-time delay alerts, and metering distance traveled, in apps all over the world. The SDK is built to collect and transmit a battery-efficient stream of location data. The SDKs for Android and iOS are fully native to access the core platform level location and network APIs.

Our SDK users build their apps on a variety of native and non-native platforms. The need for better location features is not limited to native Android and iOS apps — apps that are built on React Native, Cordova, Ionic, and Xamarin are also starved for better location APIs. Continue reading