Test drive your integration

Test drive your integration

Developers need to get off their chair and move in the big bad world to test dynamic location applications before releasing it to test users. If you are anything like me, getting off my chair is hard. As we build the plug and play stack for dynamic location, we want to provide developers an environment that easy to test faster and reliably before going live. With this intent, we are announcing our first testing tool, TestDrive. TestDrive is available as an easy download on the App Store and Play Store.


Redux in Angular

As we reviewed dashboard V2 while working on V3, state management showed up as the biggest issue. For example on our live page we show the last know location of all the drivers. This UI state would need to refresh based on multiple actions – selecting a fleet, selecting status tabs, selecting a driver or explicitly hitting the refresh button at the bottom of the map. Because the state could be altered by so many events, it became difficult to handle race conditions and edge cases to provide a consistent view. (more…)

Centralized logging at HyperTrack

Distributed computing is hard. Nodes fail, services die and kill off other related services, messages get lost in transit over flaky networks, race conditions lead to incorrect states and so on. It’s a big bad world out there. As developers, we keep our sanity by making sure we are armed with the best tools for monitoring, alerts and logging. At HyperTrack we use a bunch of open source and paid tools to make sure everything is always up. One of those tools is the ELK stack (Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana) for logging. (more…)

For designers who want to take over the world

This is one of the first websites I ever designed — http://www.cookfresh.in. It’s now defunct but in its glory days it was a food delivery business. Back then I wasn’t even a good enough designer to mock up pretty web pages, let alone build great products.

I taught myself design after someone showed me how to use Photoshop in Industrial Design school. Photoshop served as a gateway drug to learn graphic design and then UI and eventually UX. Getting over the discomfort of using Photoshop’s complex interface proved to be extremely lucrative.

Software has the ability to make you fall in love with it. It can make your life so easy that you swear by it and try to get all your friends to use it. That’s powerful. The greatest growth hack ever is to build something so good that it grows by word of mouth.


Why we invested in HyperTrack

This is a guest post by Arjun Malhotra, founding partner at Investopad and an early investor in HyperTrack.  There are really no aspects of the business that we do not lean on Rohan and Arjun for. In this post, they share their thought process about the journey so far and where we are headed.

In January 2016, we invested in HyperTrack, which provides provides simple APIs for developers to build dynamic location features such as tracking, metering, trip replays and live ETAs.

The team, led by Kashyap and Tapan, has since come a long way.

HyperTrack has added several top-tier entrepreneurs and investors over the past year. We were also able to use our network to bring in top-tier global investors like Social Capital (GP fund) and Vy Capital in the seed.

Here, I tell the early story of how we learnt about the industry, met the founders and, in some more detail, the thinking that shaped our investment decision.