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When I’m working with APIs – be it a machine learning library or a mobile analytics SDK – I look for high quality API docs and active community support. Comprehensive, well-structured, and frequently updated docs are a must-have, and can make or break my integration experience. Our goal at HyperTrack is to build a solid set of docs and support channels that make it easier for developers to use our product.

The early versions of the docs evolved closely with the core APIs. While they were good for reference, new users found them difficult to use. We revamped our docs to simplify the content structure and improve accessibility. The new docs are designed to be a healthy mix of easy introduction to get started, and depth of reference content for existing users. Check them out at!

With the revamp, we moved the docs from to GitBook as it offers the extensibility with plugins and scripts that we needed. We focused on the following improvements, and also built a few GitBook plugins in the process.


Better search

The new search is powered by Lunr.js internally, and it’s much faster than what we had previously. Search results will appear as you type, and allow quick switching between content.

Mobile and server-side content

Our APIs are used by both mobile and server-side developers, and the new content structure accommodates both. With cleaner section distinctions between mobile SDKs and the REST API, it is easier for developers to get started with the platform of their choice. The content flow inside the section mirrors how developers use the product.

Easier navigation

As the number of pages grew over time, and the content of each page became more detailed, navigating between pages and within a page became harder. To simplify navigation, we redefined the views to condense docs sections that are not relevant. We released the toggle-headers plugin, which can enable this for other GitBook websites. The table of contents plugin helps navigating to relevant subsections inside a page.

Instant support

Developers on the docs can also get support for queries within the docs with Intercom’s integrated chat. Intercom on docs and our Slack channel have evolved to become our most important support channels. We also released an Intercom plugin for GitBook users.

More code samples

The new docs also have more code samples, from each of our API helper libraries, in Python, Node.js, and Java. The SDK sections now also include code samples from our wrappers for React Native and Cordova.

Other GitBook plugins

We also created two other plugins. Alerts adds better contextual alerts for info, warning, danger, and success messages. FullStory is an easy plugin to integrate FullStory in your GitBook website.

Check out the new docs at and tell us what you think!


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