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Trip Replay Using Leaflet.js and Mapbox

Replaying an action is one of the more popular use cases HyperTrack developers have. It unlocks a new dimension (literally) of visibility that static polylines and markers fail to provide. Continue reading

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Redux in Angular

As we reviewed dashboard V2 while working on V3, state management showed up as the biggest issue. For example on our live page we show the last know location of all the drivers. This UI state would need to refresh based on multiple actions – selecting a fleet, selecting status tabs, selecting a driver or explicitly hitting the refresh button at the bottom of the map. Because the state could be altered by so many events, it became difficult to handle race conditions and edge cases to provide a consistent view. Continue reading

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Rendering realtime list using Angular2

We have built HyperTrack’s dashboard ground up using angular2. Oh and we released a brand spanking new version yesterday that you should check out if you haven’t already. Our dashboard provides realtime visualization of geospatial data for business users. One of the more popular views is the task page that lets you track all live tasks being performed by the workforce. Continue reading

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Building our new Dashboard using Angular 2

Angular 2 is here. The Angular team had stormed the Angular developer community by announcing that its new version will be a complete rewrite with no backward compatibility. AngularJs was originally built for designers for rapid prototyping, performance had never been its strength. Angular 2 was being written to build large enterprise-grade apps. Continue reading

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How we designed the HyperTrack dashboard

(I am making this post on behalf of an awesome designer who chooses to remain anonymous. This person has designed multiple industry leading products used by tens of millions of users. I have the privilege of taking this design to production for our customers. Hope you like it!)

When we started designing Hypertrack, we got together with some of our key customers to understand what they needed to see. How can we give them a dashboard which is smart? How can we give them the information they need to see without them having to ask? We got them to sketch solutions to ensure we were building the right feature set. Continue reading