Unveiling the plug-and-play location stack for developers

Unveiling the plug-and-play location stack for developers

Here’s the question I love to ask product managers and software developers,”How do you want to use location in your product?”

While the realm of possibilities and imagination never ceases to amaze, there are two clear themes that emerge from their answers:

  1. I am not using location as effectively as I want to
  2. I want to use location more but I don’t know how

HyperTrack is the easiest way to build dynamic location features. Until yesterday, it required you to know exactly how you wanted to use location before you started using it. Today, that changes with HyperTrack v3!


Centralized logging at HyperTrack

Distributed computing is hard. Nodes fail, services die and kill off other related services, messages get lost in transit over flaky networks, race conditions lead to incorrect states and so on. It’s a big bad world out there. As developers, we keep our sanity by making sure we are armed with the best tools for monitoring, alerts and logging. At HyperTrack we use a bunch of open source and paid tools to make sure everything is always up. One of those tools is the ELK stack (Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana) for logging. (more…)

Dealing with database transactions in Django + Celery

Celery is an asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing. We are big fans of Celery and it’s an important part of our stack. As with any distributed system, Celery comes with it’s own set of challenges. In this post, I specifically want to discuss how we use Celery to push webhooks to our customers and the race conditions caused because of using database transactions. (more…)

Our team is complete (for now)!

At HyperTrack, we are building SDKs and APIs for developers to integrate location tracking into their workforce and consumer apps. To build a service that developers around the world can trust and rely on, we are always looking to hire the best engineers. I’m extremely proud and happy to announce three new fantastic additions to complete our team (for now) as we obsessively march towards product-market fit. (more…)

Reducing time-to-first-track with HyperTrack

We have rolled out the following enhancements to our APIs to make it easier and more flexible to integrate with HyperTrack. If you are already integrated with HyperTrack, everything will continue to work as usual. You can choose to use these enhancements if it fits your use case better or if it simplifies your current integration. (more…)