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HyperTrack now supports React Native

Over the last few years in the fast evolving Javascript ecosystem, React has emerged as one of the top libraries for building UI. Described as the “View in MVC” , it provides a high-performance way to keep views up-to-date with JavaScript, using its incredibly fast virtual DOM diff algorithm and one way data flows: from owner to child. Since its launch, React has redefined a lot of paradigms  by bringing fresh new take on web development.

Launch of React Native last year brought the power of React to native development, allowing developers to write React Components and generate genuine native interface using JavaScript. Continue reading

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How APIs make build v buy irrelevant

A traditional distinction that often comes up for users considering HyperTrack (especially business users) is – should I build location tracking in-house or outsource? The thought process then moves on to whether this is a core feature in the product. If so, “we are going to build it in-house”, they say. If not, “we are looking to partner with someone to implement it for us”, they conclude and that usually means an enterprise-y application with customizations, integration services and operational roll-outs. Continue reading