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Come join us at Hypertrack Hackathon during PyCon India 2017

We are very excited to announce the HyperTrack Hackathon this weekend in PyCon India 2017. PyCon India is the premier conference in India that brings together developers and enthusiasts from all over India and abroad. HyperTrack tells you where your users are, what they are doing and how their device is doing. You get this data in real-time with pinpoint accuracy and negligible battery consumption. You can consume this data in your favorite programming language through APIs, visuals or events. Thousands of developers have built hundreds of applications with HyperTrack across 50+ countries. We can't wait to see what developers in PyCon will build with HyperTrack.

Problem Statement

Build anything that you can imagine with Location using HyperTrack. Fire your imagination and bring innovative ideas to the table with HyperTrack API's. To seed your imagination, here are a few hacks that people built with HyperTrack at API World Hackathon, San Francisco last month.


Come join us by registering at our stall in PyCon. The hackathon will start at 2 pm this Saturday (4th November 2017) and will continue till next day 2 pm. You can stay for the whole night at the venue and continue on your hack.


We are planning to distribute prizes and goodies worth Rs. 1.5 lakh in the hackathon.
Grand Prize: Rs. 50,000
2nd Place : Rs. 30,000
3rd Place : Rs. 20,000

There are lots of other goodies that we will be distributing during the hackathon.

HyperTrack developers will be present throughout the hackathon to help you out in case you get stuck. Lets hack, have some fun and build something awesome.