Building location features in CarDekho apps using HyperTrack

Building location features in CarDekho apps using HyperTrack

This is a guest post by Saurabh Jain, Tech Lead at CarDekho, India’s leading car search venture that helps users buy cars and bikes that are right for them.

We have built multiple apps at CarDekho and building many more. For example:

  1. A roadside assistance app (RSA) for consumers to request 24/7 emergency services in the event of a flat tire, dead battery, key loss/locked, out of fuel, etc. There is an accompanying RSA partner app for registered service providers to manage service requests.
  2. Owner Drive Experience app for Ford owners to provide candid drive experience to prospective buyers.
  3. Private label apps for automobile manufacturers like Mahindra and Ford to manage test drives and service appointments.


Why we invested in HyperTrack

This is a guest post by Arjun Malhotra, founding partner at Investopad and an early investor in HyperTrack.  There are really no aspects of the business that we do not lean on Rohan and Arjun for. In this post, they share their thought process about the journey so far and where we are headed.

In January 2016, we invested in HyperTrack, which provides provides simple APIs for developers to build dynamic location features such as tracking, metering, trip replays and live ETAs.

The team, led by Kashyap and Tapan, has since come a long way.

HyperTrack has added several top-tier entrepreneurs and investors over the past year. We were also able to use our network to bring in top-tier global investors like Social Capital (GP fund) and Vy Capital in the seed.

Here, I tell the early story of how we learnt about the industry, met the founders and, in some more detail, the thinking that shaped our investment decision.


HyperTrack — making sense of location

This is a guest post by Ashish Gupta, the newest member of our Board of Directors. Ashish is the only person we know who has been angel investor in four Indian startups that went on to become billion dollar companies – MuSigma, MakeMyTrip, InfoEdge and Flipkart. Ashish co-founded Helion Ventures and serves as their Managing Director. He is a Kauffman Fellow, holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, and a Bachelor’s degree from IIT Kanpur where he was awarded the highest academic honor, the President’s Gold Medal. HyperTrack is the only company (as of publishing this post) outside of the Helion portfolio where Ashish is on the Board of Directors. The previous two companies that earned this distinction were MuSigma and InfoEdge ( We are privileged to have him on the ride.

I am glad to add my pin to the destination. Lots of good stuff happening there but first I need to reminisce because it has taken me nearly two decades to get to this pin!  Would HyperTrack have been able to predict this ETA?


echo tech team geeks out with location tracking

As engineers we want life to be easier than breathing. We want apps to replace unnecessary (random) human interactions, bots to replace assistants, even swiping left or right over the awkward effort of initiating contact the 90’s way.  Usually, these thoughts find little resonance with the ‘others’ but here’s a use case where we finally felt accepted, understood, at one at last with those who think Calculus was primarily a Tintin character.

Every other evening, we’re out for drinks, or a movie or some other shindig. More often than not, one person in the group reaches the venue first and then either waits around thinking about the cosmos or for the more frantic kind, starts calling everyone else with the usual questions, “where are you at?”, “how long are you going to take?” and so on. This is usually frustrating for both parties – the one that needs to chill and the one that needs to be more punctual.


How Scootsy uses HyperTrack while delivering the best in Mumbai

This is a guest post by Rishi Khiani, CEO and Managing Director of Antfarm, the business incubator that is home to Scootsy, a popular intra-city service that delivers from the best restaurants and stores in Mumbai.

If you are in Mumbai and want your lunch from Jimmy Boy, snack from Suzette, dinner from Trishna and ice cream from The Parfait Company, chances are your convenient and anxiety free life is powered by Scootsy. It just got better. You can now track your deliveries in real-time on a map inside the Scootsy Android or iOS app that you know and love. You can watch your order get to you turn-by-turn while you wrap up your meeting, or get ready to plan the chai break, or get ready for that big dinner with friends. (more…)

Announcing HyperTrack Beta release

GPS chips have been in leading smartphone models from the time when Apple released the App Store and Google released Android OS in 2008. Turn-by-turn navigation and the pale blue dot on the map have been a part of our lives since we started using apps. Apps have practically been location aware for as long as there have been apps on iOS and Android, that is eight years and counting. Think of the last time you downloaded an app that did not ask you permission to access your location. (more…)