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Care24: Providing delightful caregiver tracking and ETA experience with HyperTrack

This is a guest post by Siddharth Sharma, CTO at Care24, India’s leading provider of home healthcare services.

Care24 is a leading provider of home healthcare services in India and as we scaled our operations we found accurate tracking of our care personnel to be a very important factor in service delivery. We already had our own app and were faced with the classic build vs. buy decision. As an early stage company we have to be very judicious with our resources. While we wanted tracking as a core feature in our app, building that technology capability is cumbersome and not core for us. We started looking for technology partners for help.

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Why building live location features requires more than maps APIs

The next generation of location-based services uses live location to make assignments, track orders, track miles, personalize experiences and power great product experiences. A fleeting glimpse by product managers and developers might lead to a false view that maps platforms are sufficient to build these features. This post covers what maps do and don’t.

Say you want to build an in-app tracking view of an order. It needs to be a smooth experience (think animated icons) with accurate location (route polylines maybe), live ETA (that updates every minute), user/order information (a drawer to reference) and trip status (why is it stuck there). To build this, what can developers count on maps for and not? Read on for the answers.

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streaming live location data
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The pitfalls of using location streams as an interface for building live location features

Developers build live location features in their product because it is core to their business. In the process, they end up having to build infrastructure. Developers who have built and operated this underlying infrastructure on their own have a deeper experience of the pains involved. Often, this is the first time they start questioning if that part of the stack is core to their business and if there is an API for that. In the chance that they find HyperTrack as that API they were dreaming of, a new problem arises.

In many in-house location stacks, the de facto interface at which the infrastructure stops and the feature begins is the location stream. You generate the location stream on the device, log/store it on the server, and then consume it in the product. For enterprises using vehicle tracking systems (VTS) and GPS chips, there is a legacy reason to go down this path. When other teams and software modules in the stack are consuming this stream, it is hard to imagine ripping it out and replacing it with HyperTrack SDKs and APIs.

And then begins: “But it does solve a bunch of things we are dealing with”, “Hey they seem obsessed with it and we are not, they must know something we don’t”, “Let’s deploy it on that new feature or new set of users in that new project”, “Let’s run this in parallel with our stack and compare the results before phasing it in”, etc.

It is then that one of the two questions comes up:

  1. “Can we provide our location stream as input to your API and get your location stream as output?”
  2. “Can we use your location stream as input to our API and everything upstream will start working better?”

Tl;dr – Bad idea. Using location streams as the interface is architecture debt. Pay it off.

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Live Location Sharing by Google Maps and Facebook Messenger

On Mar 22, Google announced that users of Google Maps can share their trips and real-time location with friends when on the way. Then on Mar 27, Facebook announced that users of Facebook Messenger can share their live location with friends to make meeting up easier and safer. The news from Google and Facebook comes hot on the heels of the Feb 3 news story that Whatsapp has been testing real-time location sharing. Apple has had Find My Friends app packaged into iOS 9 and later since September 2015 so iPhone users can share live location with their friends.

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Building location features in CarDekho apps using HyperTrack

This is a guest post by Saurabh Jain, Tech Lead at CarDekho, India’s leading car search venture that helps users buy cars and bikes that are right for them.

We have built multiple apps at CarDekho and building many more. For example:

  1. A roadside assistance app (RSA) for consumers to request 24/7 emergency services in the event of a flat tire, dead battery, key loss/locked, out of fuel, etc. There is an accompanying RSA partner app for registered service providers to manage service requests.
  2. Owner Drive Experience app for Ford owners to provide candid drive experience to prospective buyers.
  3. Private label apps for automobile manufacturers like Mahindra and Ford to manage test drives and service appointments.

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Why we invested in HyperTrack

This is a guest post by Arjun Malhotra, founding partner at Investopad and an early investor in HyperTrack.  There are really no aspects of the business that we do not lean on Rohan and Arjun for. In this post, they share their thought process about the journey so far and where we are headed.

In January 2016, we invested in HyperTrack, which provides provides simple APIs for developers to build dynamic location features such as tracking, metering, trip replays and live ETAs.

The team, led by Kashyap and Tapan, has since come a long way.

HyperTrack has added several top-tier entrepreneurs and investors over the past year. We were also able to use our network to bring in top-tier global investors like Social Capital (GP fund) and Vy Capital in the seed.

Here, I tell the early story of how we learnt about the industry, met the founders and, in some more detail, the thinking that shaped our investment decision.

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HyperTrack — making sense of location

This is a guest post by Ashish Gupta, the newest member of our Board of Directors. Ashish is the only person we know who has been angel investor in four Indian startups that went on to become billion dollar companies – MuSigma, MakeMyTrip, InfoEdge and Flipkart. Ashish co-founded Helion Ventures and serves as their Managing Director. He is a Kauffman Fellow, holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, and a Bachelor’s degree from IIT Kanpur where he was awarded the highest academic honor, the President’s Gold Medal. HyperTrack is the only company (as of publishing this post) outside of the Helion portfolio where Ashish is on the Board of Directors. The previous two companies that earned this distinction were MuSigma and InfoEdge ( We are privileged to have him on the ride.

I am glad to add my pin to the destination. Lots of good stuff happening there but first I need to reminisce because it has taken me nearly two decades to get to this pin!  Would HyperTrack have been able to predict this ETA?

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