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Redux in Angular

As we reviewed dashboard V2 while working on V3, state management showed up as the biggest issue. For example on our live page we show the last know location of all the drivers. This UI state would need to refresh based on multiple actions – selecting a fleet, selecting status tabs, selecting a driver or explicitly hitting the refresh button at the bottom of the map. Because the state could be altered by so many events, it became difficult to handle race conditions and edge cases to provide a consistent view. Continue reading

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Announcing HyperTrack dashboard v3

We announced the first Beta version of our dashboard in April 2016 when we had a few developers in private Beta who were generous enough to bet on us when we had no product to offer. We announced the second Beta version in September 2016 when we had a few more developers through our public Beta who were generous in sharing their feedback about their usage. It is now time to announce our third Beta version as more developers across industries and countries start using HyperTrack as part of their daily usage. Here are the salient features. Continue reading