Get Slack alerts for business-as-usual location events

We recently launched the workforce monitoring use case, shared how customers use location events to run their business and helped them get Slack alerts for unexpected events on the field. All of this required a lot of programming and testing.

We used the HyperTrack Live app (available on both iOS and Android)  to dog food these features. It helps that the app is now used across all 6 inhabited continents! 😀 Continue reading

HyperTrack Live open sourced

HyperTrack Live Android App Released to Open Source

HyperTrack is the fastest way to build live location features into your application, with our plug-and-play location stack allowing for easy integration with your existing workflow and business. We’ve built our stack to be quick to integrate, scalable and reliable, and providing real-time filtering while maintaining battery efficiency. Now, we’ve made it even easier with the open sourcing of our HyperTrack Live Android app.

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Launching SendETA

When we started building HyperTrack SDKs and API for our users, we needed a way to dogfood our own code before our users integrated HyperTrack into their apps. We needed practical real world usage of our product to accelerate the development. As we started exploring other ways to test our code in our daily life, we thought why not build an app that we can use to track our own daily trips from home to work, and back t001o home.

The first version of the app we built had just three basic actions: add a destination, start a trip, and end a trip. We called the app, SendETA. Continue reading


Now track your flights with HyperTrack

At HyperTrack, we are building track and trace for local deliveries. We provide APIs and SDKs to enable developers to add real time tracking to their apps and make sense of their data. We provide primitives that developers can build their proprietary business logic on top of. Continue reading