HyperTrack Live open sourced
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HyperTrack Live Android App Released to Open Source

HyperTrack is the fastest way to build live location features into your application, with our plug-and-play location stack¬†allowing for easy integration with your existing workflow and business. We’ve built our stack to be quick to integrate, scalable and reliable, and providing real-time filtering while maintaining battery efficiency. Now, we’ve made it even easier with the open sourcing of our HyperTrack Live Android app.

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centralized logging with ELK
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Centralized logging at HyperTrack

Distributed computing is hard. Nodes fail, services¬†die and kill off other related services, messages get lost in transit over flaky networks, race conditions lead to incorrect states and so on. It’s a big bad world out there. As developers, we keep our sanity by making sure we are armed with the best tools for monitoring, alerts and logging. At HyperTrack we use a bunch of open source and paid tools to make sure everything is always up. One of those tools is the ELK stack (Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana) for logging. Continue reading